Friday, March 3, 2017

Small Spaces – Live Large!

By Craig O'Dell

“Everything is bigger in Texas!” Well, not everything! While some of our clients live in gargantuan houses, that cannot be said of everyone we work with. Living in a small space and being enveloped in a comfortable, cozy space with all of my favorite things is a preference for me and I’m a firm believer that one can live large in a small space. Here are a few tips for maximizing your space when your space in minimal.

  1. Buy furniture pieces that do double (or triple) duty. You may not have room for a cocktail table, additional storage AND extra seating so why not buy an upholstered storage ottoman that serves all three purposes? Or what about a small table that can be used for dinner at home, but can also be re-purposed for a home work space? If you’re living in a studio apartment you can even buy a daybed that works as a sofa during the day and a place to rest your weary head at night.
  2. Smaller isn’t always better. Conventional wisdom might dictate that putting smaller pieces in a room will make your space FEEL bigger, but a well-chosen, larger piece may be just the thing you need to give your room much-needed focal point or statement piece. This is true of furniture as well as art.
  3. More is more. Trust me, this is purely an issue of preference. I have never been accused of being a minimalist. I like the eye to be able travel to different areas of the room and ALWAYS give myself or my guests something interesting to look at. Well placed accessories or art can be curated in a room in such a way that the room isn’t overwhelmed or feel like a flea market. Practice makes perfect. And don’t be afraid to experiment.
  4. Edit, edit, edit. Now I know this may sound like I’m contradicting myself, but stay with me. Once you’ve achieved your “look” you will inevitably make new purchases or acquire new things. That’s fine. A good rule to avoid getting overrun with stuff is “For every new thing that comes in, something old must go”. This will keep things fresh and will help you avoid being on an episode of “Hoarders”.
  5. Finally, be fearless! I don’t mean go crazy and start knocking down walls or adding a second floor but don’t be afraid to experiment. Painting your small space an amazing color might just be the answer. In the last few years there have been wallpapers created for the express purpose of rental properties. They go up easily and come down without a trace of evidence that they were ever there.

If you live in a small space, celebrate it! Make it your own! Make it work!