Monday, January 9, 2017

Design is Like Fashion

By Brandon Beene

Design is like fashion. Everyone’s style and perspective about it is unique and personal. Some people have very conservative taste and some people have eclectic. choosing a casual style like Diane Keaton to symbolize casual interior designNot everyone is a Diane Keaton on the runway, and not everyone is a Sarah Jessica Parker.

We all have different tastes. But no one wants to walk into a room and find that they are wearing the exact same thing as someone else.

So why would you want to walk into your room and find it designed and styled the very same as your next door neighbor? Your room and home should be personal and original to you. Yes, there are design rules and techniques to follow; but there is no wrong way when it comes to your personal taste. Design should represent what you are drawn to as a person.

Color, fabric, texture, scale, collectables, furniture, art can all come together in a way that fills a room and makes it unique to you. So don’t be afraid to be yourself. Take risks. Or don’t. Do the unexpected. Or don’t. Choose it soft and comfortable or paint it loud and dramatic. But do you. It’s your room. And it’s OK to get someone to help you do that.

Even the one’s walking the Red Carpet have a stylist.