Thursday, September 22, 2016

It’s fall, y’all!

NEST Candles at Decor to Your Door

By Craig O'Dell

Fall (or as we call it here in Texas – Summer Part 2) is almost here! It’s my favorite time of year. Admittedly, we don’t have as much of the fall colors as other parts of the country, but it’s still a great time with football, cooler temps and all things pumpkin spice.

The term “nesting” didn’t come to my consciousness until shortly after 9/11 in 2001. The country had just experienced such tragedy and many people were fearful to leave their homes and were really taking stock of the things that mattered to them most. People that hadn’t previously put much thought into their home were now making the place they felt the most safe a little more comfortable and a little more beautiful.

Fall makes me want to “nest.” I want to change out pillows and maybe buy a new throw for the sofa. Those cool, summer scent candles get replaced by warmer, cozier scents. (And I’m not going to lie. I want to BAKE things!) Now, at this point you may be expecting some “shameless plug” about how Decor To Your Door has great pillows, throws and the perfect fall scent candles, and I HATE to disappoint. So……. allow me to tell you that we are now a proud retailer of NEST Candles! We are LOVING these candles. The 8.1 oz. candles have 50-60 hours of burn time. We currently have Grapefruit, Bamboo, Cashmere Suede, Sahara Spice AND, my personal favorite for fall, Pumpkin Chai! We are thrilled to add NEST to our line of products. We will have more holiday scents as the season approaches.

Stop by our showroom and take a look around. We pride ourselves on constantly changing and updating the showroom to keep things fresh. And as for pillows, we have a great selection on the floor or you can choose a fabric or two and custom order some for the cooler months. We love the fall and want to help make your home your favorite place to be!

Nest Candles – Pumpkin Chai