Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Arranging Furniture in The Living Room – Part 3: Creating Balance

Christine Blythe, Senior Creator, Designer and owner of Decor to Your Door, discusses how creating balance is a key to arranging furniture in the living room.

You want to pair items with equal weight. A sofa visually weighs about as much as two chairs with an small accent table. A sofa with one chair becomes a little off balance and tends to look a little lonesome. Since one would likely center a sofa on a wall, the space you have on the right side of the room should be about the same as the space you have on the left side of the room. Point Two: Build up and out. When all of your furniture is about the same height it is nice to add vertical interests. Tall bookshelves, window treatment panels, art – they all help with this objective.

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