Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Arranging Furniture in The Living Room – Part 2: Conversation Areas

Christine Blythe, Senior Creator, Designer and owner of Decor to Your Door, discusses how conversation areas affect the arrangement of furniture in the living room.

First, the seating should be no more than 10 feet apart depending on the size of the room. Seven to nine feet is more ideal, so that you and your guests are not having to raise your voices during conversation. Adding tables to accompany a conversation area just makes the room look more complete. About 18 inches from the sofa to a cocktail table is ideal for walk-through space. Another tip – place the two front feet of all seats on to an area rug. Depending on the size of the room, you’ll usually need about an 8×10, 8×11, 9×12 or 9×13 area rug. Your designer can assist in chooses the optimal size for your room design.

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