Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Freshen Up for the New Year

It’s that time of year again to make resolutions for the New Year. Along with the ever-so-popular resolutions like losing weight and exercising more, do you have updating your home on the list? Do you want to have a fresh look for the New Year? I thought I would share the top five things to do to get a fresh look.

  1. Shop your home – Look around your house and rearrange the things you already own. Sometimes just putting an accessory into another room or space gives it new life. Keep a consistent accent color in your pillows and accessories. HINT: If the space doesn’t look better with the item that you just added, it’s probably not needed.
  2. Add new fixtures and hardware – Simpler lamps, lighter looking chandeliers are the trend. Heavy to simple, dark to light. Small changes like these can have a HUGE impact! HINT: Try to stay consistent with lighting throughout your home. Adding accent pendants with sparkle can also be fun.
  3. Paint the front door with a pop of color- Your front door is very important. Remember, first impressions are everything! Complete the entry walls with art and a nice area rug. HINT: Large art introducing your accent color would be good here. Every room should NOT be a different color. Mirrors are also good for sparkle and making the space appear bigger.
  4. Open up windows to allow light to shine in – Remove distracting elements like heavy window treatments. Simple panels instead of swags are nice for a transitional look. Velvets and linens depending on your style. HINT: Fun tapes add detail to the leading edge of drapery panels.
  5. Find a filing system that’s right for you – paperwork, mail, bills are all part of our daily lives but when randomly shoved in a drawer, they can become lost. HINT: Label files that hold the three categories. “House Bills” are… house bills. “Family Matters” are documents you will need in the future but not every day. “Urgent” means you will need to get an answer or signature or phone call to someone soon.

While this list is not extensive, it’s a start to getting organized and giving yourself a fresh new look. For these ideas and more, go to DecorToYourDoor.com or call us for an In Home Consultation today! 972-441-4355

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